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CraftBeerDirectory.com is America's premier comprehensive national online craft brewery directory in the United States. By using paid advertising, we eliminate the frustration of using a search engine.

CraftBeerDirectory.com is the nation's "GO TO" WEB SITE. Craft beer is all we do. You won't waste your time driving to liquor stores, taverns, restaurants, or convenience/ grocery stores, only to find out they are not microbreweries.

Our mission is to support the outstanding craft beer made in American-owned breweries. Many of the best-known domestic beers with iconic American symbols are not owned by Americans. These brands dominate the advertising and distribution channels, but their profits leave our country.

Hundreds of small breweries are owned by hard working, local business owners who create jobs and generate money for our economy. With CraftBeerDirectory.com, we help you buy American, build our economy, and support our own entrepreneurs.

We make it easy for customers to find genuine craft breweries and brew pubs anywhere in the United States.

Our Founders

Our founder, Robin Fuchs, is a craft beer aficionado who is determined to introduce as many people as possible to this home-grown industry. While traveling around the U.S., he became frustrated with the difficulties in locating craft beer firms and created CraftBeerDirectory. Robin also founded Beer Tours USA, which offers tours to microbreweries and craft beer establishments across the country, along with many member benefits. (www.BeerToursUSA.com).

Co-founder Michelle Tjelmeland, owner of e-websmart (www.e-websmart.com) is a Web site developer and certified Social Media Specialist. As an added benefit, Michelle and her creative team of designers, writers, and technicians can custom-design a Web site and online marketing strategy that will build your brand and maximize your exposure, both organically and virally.

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